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Friday, October 3, 2008

Instant Online People Searches or Skip Tracer?

Everyone has someone they're trying to locate. It may me a long lost relative an old love, a high school friend. These are people that you were once close with but now you've lost touch. Maybe there was a falling out with someone and the need to apologize haunts you. It could even be an estranged parent that you've never even met.

So you gather up your courage and try an online people search service. As you enter their information into the search forms your heart starts to beat and your emotions flare. You fill in the forms as best you can and your heart stops as you wait for the instant results.

Unfortunately many times the results are only more disappointment. Disappointment that the person you are searching for cannot be found. The instant online people search has failed.

Many people will give up at this point. Some will try another instant online people search service only to get the exact information as the first one they tried. Some will give up.

The more persistent individual with move forward to the next step. They will hire a professional skip tracer.A professional skip tracer is usually a private investigator and they make a living by locating hard to find people.

An instant online people will rely on databases called credit headers. These databases are a collection of all the information a person will write on a credit application for a loan, credit card, apartment rental etc. If you move your bills are forwarded by the post office and they notify the creditors who update your information both in their records and in your credit header information with the credit bureaus.

A professional skip tracer will also consult credit headers but . They have the experience to interpret this raw data and gleam clues to the subjects true whereabouts. They also have a lifetime of sources and experience in locating hard to find people. A skip tracer is used to locating people like bail jumpers and dead beats so someone like your old HS sweetheart that fell through the cracks will be simple.

A skip trace may include calling up the subjects old neighbors, employers or family members. Often using a pretext to trick these people into revealing the location of the skip.

So if you have tried an instant online people search and the service has let you down do not despair. Help is out there in the form of a skip tracer.

Ed Opperman is Pres. of Opperman Investigations Inc. He is an experienced skip tracer and the senior investigator for Please contact Ed If you need a People Finder Search or a Skip Trace.

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