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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Telephone Investigations- Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID Spoofing:
Caller ID Spoofing: This technology allows the caller to set any number to display on the caller ID of the person they are calling. If the name is registered with the phone company, then that name will display as well.

Call Recording:
This gives the caller the option to record all conversations for later retrieval. The recorded calls can either be heard via the toll free number or via our web control panel. When using the web, the calls can be replayed over and over, stored, downloaded and emailed!

Voice Changing:
Rather than having to buy an expensive device to attach to your telephone, we now give the option to select a male or female voice from the menu prompt. The caller will simply speak in their normal tone while the person they called will hear the conversation in the changed voice, all in real-time!

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Announcement- Upgrade to Dating Service (infidelity) Assessment

Opperman Investigations Inc in association with is proud to annouce an upgrade to the Dating Service (infidelity) Assessment.

This service has been used by thousands of clients to catch people cheating online. We have caught people with secret personal ads. Secret social network sites such as Myspace and Facebook. We have caught cheaters on swinger sites and extreme sexual fetish dating sites.That evidence has even been used in court for custody evaluations.

WE have expanded that search with an add on service to locate people on porn sites, and escort service sites. In the first few weeks this service has been available it has proven to be extremely popular with over 80% of the clients choosing the upgraded service.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Get Your Own Trap Line

Opperman Investigations is proud to announce a brand new service. Trap lines!

For years we have used Trap Lines to assist us in skip tracing, employment locates, reverse email searches and locates. We have used this very sophisticated technology to locate fugitives, non custodial parental kidnappers and teenage run aways.

Now we can offer the same service to our fellow investigators.

What is a trap line?
A trap line is a phone number equipped with Automatic name and number identification. The same technology used my 911 dispatchers to unblock caller ID block and instantly identify callers. Even if the number is unlisted, non published , a cell phone or has caller ID blocked.

Click here to order your very own trap line.