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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Find Out if a Man is Cheating with Escorts

Surveys indicate that anywhere between 10 to 54% of men vsit prostitutes or escort services. Many married men do not even consider an occasional visit with a prostitute as "cheating". Of course their wives would feel differently if they knew only about it.

The trouble with married men being unfaithful with prostitutes is that until recently it was almost impossible, for the wife to catch him cheating. It's not like he's chatting online or calling up his prostitute. He's probably not taking her out on romantic dates either. It's most likely just a quickie at lunch time in a sleazy hourly motel.

But today with modern technology it's very easy to catch a man cheating with prostitutes or escort services, You see just like everything else the first place a man will go to find a prostitute is the Internet. There are over 500,000 online escorts and escort service web sites. There are even entire online communities where escorts that call themselves "providers" and the clients called "hobbyists" will gather online in chat rooms and message board forums. The men will give reviews of the prostitutes and the escorts will screen the clients for each other. There are also 'Adult" online dating services that cater to escorts and their clients.

It's the move from street corners to Internet web sites that now makes it possible to catch a man cheating with prostitutes. There are online investigation services that can search out all the online dating services and find out which sites your man has joined. But these services have been expanded so that you can also search all the online escort services and escort review sites to see if your man is a member of them too.

Also these amazing online detectives can find secret email accounts, secret myspace pages, blogs or web sites that also may reveal clues to a man's infidelity.

If you think your man is cheating or seeing prostitutes you should consider hiring an investigator to investigate his online activity. It's the only way to really ease your worries. But if you do decide to hire a professional be sure to check him out first. Do an Internet search on his name and company name to see if they are recognized as an expert in online infidelity investigations.
Ed Opperman is president of Opperman Investigations Inc. He is considered an expert in online infidelity investigations. If you need help finding your mans dating service or escort service membership visit

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Find a Bail Skip With A Reverse Email Search

As a professional bail bond agent, bounty hunter or recovery agent you will probably be surprised to learn how a reverse email search can assist you in locating and recovering a bail skip. In fact most intake forms at the average bail bond office do not even have a field for the applicant to provide an email address.

This is a big mistake. An email address is an excellent tool in maintaining contact with the defendant before they ever skip in the first place, but it's even better for locating the defendant should they run out on their bail or miss court. A reverse email search investigation when conducted by an expert can pinpoint the exact location of your skip.

An auto email responder program can be used to maintain contact with a client. Remind them of pertinent court dates and telephone check in times and to verify and update contact information. If a client skips you can review the recorded IP addresses of the clients email responses and see if there is a pattern. Possibly another location the client uses to read and reply to his emails at a certain time of day. Perhaps from a girlfriend or relatives computer or a specific public library.

But if they fail to maintain contact or skip out on you, a reverse email search is an excellent method to track them down and locate exactly where they are when they open an email.

Other forms of online investigation services such as locating and monitoring social network sites like Friendster, MySpace or Facebook can also be extremely effective methods. Likewise an online dating service search to locate the personal ads sites the skip has memberships. Just because a client skips on bail does not mean they stopped dating.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Locate Hidden Assets- How to do an Asset Search

My article Locate Hidden Assets- How to do an Asset Search has been picked up.

It's getting quite a bit of response.

Locate Hidden Assets- How to do an Asset Search
By: Ed Opperman

As a private investigator you may be asked to perform an asset search or an asset locate. This is when one person or business entity needs to determine the assets of another person. This would include bank accounts,real estate, businesses and much more.

There are many reasons why the client needs the asset search. It could be a divorce where one spouse suspects the other is hiding wealth or community property. It could be a business partner or investor. It could be a creditor that is ready to file a lawsuit and wants to know if it's worth the effort.

If the debtor has nothing no sense in proceeding with the suit. Can't get blood from a stone as they say.

How to perform an asset search?

Begin your search by delving into these records sources:

Court Records - Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgments - County Court House
Business Licensing - County Court House
Power Of attorney
Divorce proceedings records - State Vital Statistics
UCC filings - Secretary of State's Office
Corporation Records - Secretary of State's Office
Motor vehicle information - State DMV
Probate records - State Probate Records
Real Property Records - Assessors Office - County Court House

Be cautious when performing an asset search. In 1999 new laws were passed that made pretexting financial institutions a crime. You can no longer call a financial institutions and pretend to be the account holder to obtain the account holders information.

Wikipedia describes pretexting as :

Pretexting (sometimes referred to as "social engineering") occurs when someone tries to gain access to personal nonpublic information without proper authority to do so. This may entail requesting private information while impersonating the account holder, by phone, by mail, by email, or even by "phishing" (i.e., using a "phony" website or email to collect data). The GLBA encourages the organizations covered by the GLBA to implement safeguards against pretexting. For example, a well-written plan designed to meet GLBA's Safeguards Rule ("develop, monitor, and test a program to secure the information") ought[citation needed] to include a section on training employees to recognize and deflect inquiries made under pretext. In fact, the evaluation of the effectiveness of such employee training probably should include a follow-up program of random spot-checks, "outside the classroom", after completion of the [initial] employee training, in order to check on the resistance of a given (randomly chosen) student to various types of "social engineering" -- perhaps even designed to focus attention on any new wrinkle that might have arisen after the [initial] effort to "develop" the curriculum for such employee training. Under United States law, pretexting by individuals is punishable as a common law crime of False Pretenses.

However there are many perfectly legal methods to obtain this information. You are still able to use the normal investigative techniques routinely used uin any investigation. Interviews,surveillance,dumpster diving, database searches and sources (tipsters and informants).

Many times an investigator you'll be working on a complex case and in the course of your investigation you mat need an asset search. In many cases it may be wise to outsource the asset search part of the investigation to another investigator that routinely performs these type of investigation.

About the author: Ed Opperman is President of Opperman Investigations. If you need assistance with an asset search please visit his web site He offers asset searches as well and background reports and current employment locates.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Identify a MySpace User

Hey I just got another article published today.
It's already gotten a couple of thousand views:

n today's new world of online social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster etc we might find that we have more interaction with people we know online than people we know in real life. Just like real life, online friendships and acquaintances can vary widely.

Some are close and some are just passing friendly comments and good wishes. Sometimes online, just as in real life, friendships can go bad and that person you once considered a friend has now become an enemy.

In real life when a friendship turns sour we can usually avoid the other person. But it it's an online friendship there's really no boundary to keep that ex friend from visiting your MySpace to see what your up to.

This can be a bit creepy.

It can get worse if it escalates to online stalking, harassment or defamation via these social networking sites.

This ex friend can start to create MySpace accounts with the sole intention of using that MySpace to harass you. Unless they come right out an admit it them it can be difficult to identify the MySpace user.

How to deal with a MySpace stalker:

You can contact MySpace and complain. They are pretty good at closing accounts but there's nothing to stop your stalker from creating another page five minutes later.

You can try to identify the stalker by hiring an expert that deals with online stalking and Internet defamation cases. These experts are usually private investigators that also specialize in email tracing. They have unique skills to locate and identify a MySpace user.

If you do decide to hire an expert be sure to check their credentials by doing a quick online search of their name to see if they are recognized in the field of online investigations.

Be sure to print out the offending pages and keep copies for your records in case it escalates to police or civil lawsuit. Either way do not encourage the conflict or allow it to escalate. If you take the right steps and consult with the right experts your negative experience with a MySpace stalker can be resolved quickly and easily.

Ed Opperman is the president of Opperman Investigations.

He is considered as an Email Tracing expert. If you need assistance in dealing with a Myspace stalker you can visit his web site.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog Wars and Stalker Blogs

Ever heard of a blog war? How about Blogger stalking? Usually when you think of a blogger the image that comes to mind is a nerd with glass's and pocket protector in his mothers basement typing away on his computer about the upcoming Star Trek Convention.

But that's just the stereotype. Today there are political blogs, blogs on love advice, medical advice and legal advice. Many people use there blog as an online personal diary to keep in touch with friends and family and hopefully make new friends.

But unfortunately the cyber stalker has also found a use for the blog. They create blogs to attack, harass and defame their victims. Foolishly thinking they cannot be located or identified from their anonymous blog post.
Today there are private investigators that not only can locate and identify the offending blogger they can also run an online risk assessment to help protect you before you become a victim of a cyber stalker or identity thief.
If you are going to hire an investigator be sure to Google them first to see if they are a recognized expert in email investigations and online risk assessments.

ED Opperman is president of Opperman Investigations Inc.He is considered an Email Tracing Expert. His website, offers Blog Or Social Network Identification Investigations, Email Tracing and Online Risk Assessments.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Find Out Peoples Secret Kinky Sexual Fetishes

I recently wrote this article and it picked up all over he Internet.:

Today’s online dating services come in every flavor and color of the rainbow. There are gay sites, bisexual sites, Christian sites, Jewish sites and married but dating sites.
Did you know that there are also online dating sites for virtually every kind of kinky sexual fetish? Bondage ,S&M, swinging, cuckolding, auto asphyxiation. To name just a few examples.
You may or may be into some of these fetishes yourself. Or the idea of this kind of behavior could be an extreme turn off. The idea that a person you would consider dating would be a member of one of these fetish sites might disgust you.
To each his own I say, but if the possibility that your potential date is in into an unappealing fetish upsets you maybe you should do a little investigating before you go on that first date.
You can hire an online service that conducts a dating services search. They can take any email and compare it against all the online dating services until they find the dating site that the email has a registered membership.
This search is also an excellent resource for married people or people in monogamous relationships that suspect their partner may be cheating or at least contemplating an affair by browsing persona ads online.
If you are going to go with an online dating search, usually called an Online Infidelity Investigation, be sure to do your homework first and choose a company that has a serious background in Internet investigations. You should do a few Google searches to see if the investigator or company you choose has a good reputation and is considered an expert or authority in Internet Infidelity Investigations.
Either way I think we can all agree it’s best to be informed about the secret kinky fetishes your mate or potential mate may be hiding from you.
BTW this search can also be run on your boss,friends and coworkers just to be nosy….
Ed Opperman is president of Opperman Investigations Inc. He is considered an expert in Email Tracing and is the inventor of the Online Infidelity Investigation.If you have any questions about this type of search contact him at

Friday, October 3, 2008

Instant Online People Searches or Skip Tracer?

Everyone has someone they're trying to locate. It may me a long lost relative an old love, a high school friend. These are people that you were once close with but now you've lost touch. Maybe there was a falling out with someone and the need to apologize haunts you. It could even be an estranged parent that you've never even met.

So you gather up your courage and try an online people search service. As you enter their information into the search forms your heart starts to beat and your emotions flare. You fill in the forms as best you can and your heart stops as you wait for the instant results.

Unfortunately many times the results are only more disappointment. Disappointment that the person you are searching for cannot be found. The instant online people search has failed.

Many people will give up at this point. Some will try another instant online people search service only to get the exact information as the first one they tried. Some will give up.

The more persistent individual with move forward to the next step. They will hire a professional skip tracer.A professional skip tracer is usually a private investigator and they make a living by locating hard to find people.

An instant online people will rely on databases called credit headers. These databases are a collection of all the information a person will write on a credit application for a loan, credit card, apartment rental etc. If you move your bills are forwarded by the post office and they notify the creditors who update your information both in their records and in your credit header information with the credit bureaus.

A professional skip tracer will also consult credit headers but . They have the experience to interpret this raw data and gleam clues to the subjects true whereabouts. They also have a lifetime of sources and experience in locating hard to find people. A skip tracer is used to locating people like bail jumpers and dead beats so someone like your old HS sweetheart that fell through the cracks will be simple.

A skip trace may include calling up the subjects old neighbors, employers or family members. Often using a pretext to trick these people into revealing the location of the skip.

So if you have tried an instant online people search and the service has let you down do not despair. Help is out there in the form of a skip tracer.

Ed Opperman is Pres. of Opperman Investigations Inc. He is an experienced skip tracer and the senior investigator for Please contact Ed If you need a People Finder Search or a Skip Trace.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Catch a cheating spouse with cell phone forensics

It's amazing to think that today the average person can play CSI detective. If they suspect their spouse is cheating they can take a cellular phone and Fed Ex it off to a lab and have a complete detailed forensic examination returned in just a few days. All for the price of a dinner and a show. We'll it's true.

Just a few years ago it was possible to go online and order copies of anyone's detailed telephone records. This was seen by many as a dangerous invasion of privacy so lawmakers in Washington DC proposed and passed laws making that practice unlawful.

Many adulterers took a heavy sigh of relief. Believing that their infidelity could no longer be uncovered by the spouse that liked to play detective.

Shortly after the laws were passed a new state of the art science called Handheld Digital Forensics" became available to the average citizen. In this science you can take any handheld digital device and recover deleted text messages, deleted pics, caller ID entries and practically anything else that was ever recorded on the device.

This science has uncovered many cheating souses. One such case involved a man that had been out late one night. His mate insisted to review his cell phone to see any pics on the device. A fight ensued and as a last desperate effort to conceal his infidelity the man smashed his phone down destroying the LCD screen. He thought he had buried his indiscretion forever.
His mate sent us the phone and we were able to retrieve all the text messages of this man arranging an appointment with an escort. We were also able to recover pics of the man receiving a sexual act from his paid prostitute.

Unfortunately the boys in the lab don't get to see the look on the mans face when his mate confronted him with the evidence but we can feel satisfied that the truth was uncovered. An unsuspecting victim of infidelity was provided picture proof and is now able to make informed educated decisions about her relationship and her future.

Ed Opperman is Pres of Opperman Investigations Inc, and cheif investigator for
If you need help with Cellular Forensics feel free to contact him at