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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reverse Email Search Investigations to Halt a Cyber Stalker

A person would be amazed if they had any idea of precisely how many internet stalkers use their time to send innocent adults and children scary email messages filled with threatening messages. What is even more amazing is the amount of people that merely disregard the actual terrifying messages they are getting. In most of these cases they wind up completely doing away with the emails and just forget about them. The issue with doing this, is it does absolutely nothing as far as stopping the activity of the stalker. Another problem with this, is in quite a few situations the problem will just escalate and can actually develop into a serious face to face issue. Because of the seriousness of this, it is vital not to underestimate the person responsible for sending threatening messages. A person has absolutely no way in knowing just how far these criminals will go.

The very first thing a person should do is to get in touch with local authorities that can manage this serious type of predicament. Needless to say, there will be times that officials will be totally overrun with other problems and do not have the extra time to go after cyber stalkers. This is the exact time for any person to talk with a leading private investigator that has the professional ability to perform a reverse email search. This effective type of investigation can identify the criminal harassing your loved ones.

There is certainly no reason whatsoever to continue living in fear over the harassment of emails when there are experts available that know how to reveal who a stalker is. What's so great about a reverse email search is the criminal's email address is all the private investigator will request, in order to obtain vital information that will lead to their true identity.

A reverse email search investigation is so effective that it can reveal the complete name of the stalker, phone number, stress address where they reside, employment information, and other valuable information that can lead to a successful arrest..

Cyber stalkers often know how to get into most any type of email account just so they can scare the daylights out of individuals and their family members. They focus much of their attention on threats, foul language and harassing messages to send to victims they target. Regardless of which type of email account you happen to be using, a cyber stalker can still weasel their way through and send their messages of harassment.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can People In Divorces Successfully Hide Financial Assets?

It is very common in divorce cases for one spouse to suspect the other of hiding money from the courts. A person will take a look at their spouses affidavit of financial condition and see right off the bat with just a glance that most of the assets are omitted from the report. This is actually very common and it's at this stage of the litigation that the party will retain a private investigator to run an asset search on their spouse to uncover hidden assets.

This type of report will routinely uncover hidden accounts, property, trusts and corporations. Once the investigator returns his asset search report the attorney can subpoena the financial institutions and get all the records of transactions to see exactly when, where and how funds have been siphoned off of the accounts.

But is it possible to completely hide assets? Even from a professional investigator experienced in asset search investigations? How about a forensic accountant? Can funds and accounts escape his expertise? The answer is both a yes and a no.

There are many places and many ways to stash away funds anonymously. You can create a corporation in a state such as NV where and use a nominee service to maintain the corporation. You're name will not appear in the public corporate records so there would be no public record connecting you to the funds kept in that corp.

You can store cash in a safe deposit box. Many of these are privately owned companies that keep no records of box ownerships.

Another method is offshore or overseas accounts. These types of accounts have come a long way since the old days of numbered Swiss accounts, there are accounts in the Caymans and even international debit and credit cards that can be used at any ATM, shop or restaurant that accepts regular American cards.

So while it may be possible to hide funds it is not possible to hide the source of the funds. The funds have to come from somewhere and have to go somewhere. There has to be a transaction of deposits and withdrawals. The first step to uncover these hidden transactions is an asset search investigation. Next step is a court ordered subpoena to obtain the transactions and the next step is a forensic accounting.

With enough time, money and investigative resources money cannot be successfully be hidden in any litigation.

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