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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Legal Reasons To Hire An Investigator To Locate A Persons Place Of Employment

Is it legal to hire a private investigator to locate a persons current place of employment? The answer depends on the motive behind your request. There are many perfectly legal and legitimate reasons to locate someone's place of work or current job but there are also many motives that could land you in big trouble. This article will attempt to outline some of the legitimate reasons and also some motives that may not fall under permissible reasons.

For instance if your intentions is to stalk, threaten, intimidate or harass then obviously you do not have a legitimate reason. You are committing a serious crime. If the investigator uncovers this motive he is obligated to report you to the police. But what if you have a crush on someone and want to know where they work to casually run into them? Is that legitimate or authorized reason? The answer is no. A person has a reasonable expectation of privacy and it should not be violated for frivolous reasons.

An example of a legitimate reason would be a place of employment locate to serve a subpoena. If you have a summons or subpoena and have attempted to serve at all other known addresses you can permissibly attempt to locate a work address to serve process. Another authorized reason would be to serve the employer with an income execution or child support order to garnish the subjects wages. In child support cases you may also need to determine their current employment to show their actual salary and wages for a court appearance to obtain child support.

Perhaps you have a court judgment and want to see where they work to collect on your judgment. This is also a very legitimate reason for a POE or place of employment locate search. Another reason might be a workman's comp type case. Perhaps a person is collecting benefits because they claim they are unable to work. A place of employment locate could be just the proof needed to show that the person is falsely or illegally obtaining insurance payments when they actually are capable of working.

If you believe you have a legitimate reason that is not covered here in this article you should consult with a private investigator to be sure that you are not violating a persons right to privacy before investigating their work address or place of employment. It's always best to consult with a professional that has experience in this field of investigation before possibly getting yourself in trouble.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

What To Do If You Think Someone Is Spying On Your Emails?

Do you suspect that your email account has been hacked and that someone is accessing your account and reading your private emails? This is far more common than you might think. Many people are victim to this kind of intrusion but do not know what to do about it. Often if you go to family, friends or even the police your suspicions will not be taken seriously. So what do you do if you think you're hacked and your email privacy has been invaded.

Now if you do an Internet search on this topic you'll find dozens of suggestions on how to change your passwords and choose a secure password etc but unfortunately none of those suggestions will help you locate and identify the person that has hacked you and has been spying on you.. In most cases it won't really stop the activity anyway. But in this article we are not going to discuss prevention at all. It's too late. If you're reading this far chances are you've been hacked and you want a solution.

There are private investigators that offer a hacked email account investigation. This type of investigation will remotely monitor your email account for signs of unauthorized intrusion. This is the quickest and easiest way to catch someone in the act of invading your privacy.

Now the most important thing to remember is hat when you contact the investigator to retain the services you do not use the email account or computer that you believe is hacked. Because if you do the hacker will see that you are investigating him and this will make things far more difficult.

But if you have already tipped off the hacker and now they know you are on to him all is not lost. You may not be able to lay in wait and catch them in the act but a forensic examination of your computers hard drive may be able to discover evidence of not only unauthorized access but also the email address or FTP connection where your private information has been sent. In fact you may even get the password of that connection. Completely turning the tables on your stalker.

So if you think someone is spying on your emails, by hacking into your computer there are very simple inexpensive ways to locate and identify that stalker and document enough evidence to bring them to justice.

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Do You Need a Subpeona To Obtain a Persons Banking And Financial Records?

You may be thinking that the only way you can obtain a persons financial information is through a court ordered subpoena duces tucem or by police though a search warrant. This is not true, in many cases as long as you have a legal and permissible reason to need this kind of information a private can legally investigate and obtain it for you. This can be done in compliance with all applicable laws such as the 1999 Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.
In many cases a private investigator can use an asset search investigation to discover a great deal of banking and financial information without having to subpoena. An asset search investigation when conducted by a professional with many years of experience can recover a great deal of financial and even banking information about a person. Of course one you have identified which institution the subject is banking at a subpoena can be used to obtain actual bank statements, records and deposits, withdrawals etc.

If you are in need to obtain banking and financial information about a person your first call should be to a private investigator that is experienced in asset search investigation. A standard, basic asset search can locate bank accounts, property, real estate, vehicles and much more financial information about a person. Once you have this information you can use the subpoena process to serve each institution located to turn over all records relating to your court case.

It may be difficult to find an investigator that has expertise in this area. Not every investigator will do asset searches. It's a specialized field of investigation. Also recent legislation has made it unlawful to use the old standard techniques the private detectives used to use to obtain this kind of financial information. In fact some investigators are so inexperienced in this are that they mistakenly believe that any kind of investigation to disconcert financial information about a person is unlawful or illegal. This is simply not true.

A very basic search of public records such and real property records can reveal banking information about a person. Property records are public information that anyone can view without any kind of subpoena or court order. Many times this recorded document will include first and second mortgages associated with the property. This will reveal banking information that a trained investigator can follow up on, legally without a subpoena, and return financial banking information about the person being investigate.

Now this is just one very simple obvious method that anyone can do. But keep in mind that a professional investigator that has been doing this for years has literally hundreds of such avenues of perfectly legally obtainable financial information that does not initially require a court order or subpeona duces tucem. Anyone that tells you it is illegal or unlawful to obtain financial information about a subject without a subpoena is simply misinformed. They are acting on old outdated misinformation.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Common Reasons Why People Recover Deleted Text Messages

There are many reasons why a person may have to send their cell phone to a cellular forensic consultant to retrieve deleted text messages. But it seems that there a few reasons that are the most common.

1. Infidelity Investigations Almost everyone is suspicious of their spouse or lover. They also suspect their partner is cheating on the,.They want to snoop in their spouses cell phone text messages but their partner deletes all the texts before they get the chance. Initially they want to read the texts but after finding out all the kinds of data that can be recovered and documented they want to see everything. Like location tracking reports, deleted pics, call logs and calendar, date book.

2. Criminal Defense A criminal defendant is accused of making text threats or violating a TPO and they need to document the exact content of the text messages they sent or received. Also drug conspiracy cases, or alibi evidence. Proving you were at one place when you are accused of being at another place.

3. Civil Litigation Today many contracts or business deals are negotiated over text messages and emails sent and received from mobile devices. A forensic examination can recover and document the exact language used in negotiations or agreement.

4. Clearing Your Name Often a client will be accused of inappropriate texting or sending inappropriate pictures. A forensic examination will recover the evidence to prove your innocence and clear your name.

5. Employee Misbehavior or Theft The owner of a business may need to check up on employee behavior or possible theft investigation, location tracking etc. A yearly check up on an employees phone can show who's working hard and who's stealing.

6 Teen Misbehavior Parents like to check up on their teens and see where they have been, who they are communicating with, possible drug, sex or alcohol abuse. Teens are especially likely to send and receive sexually explicit pictures. Remember an under age child receiving sexually explicit pics is still guilty of possessing child porn. A quarterly check up on a kid's phone can save a kids life.

7. Accidental Deletion Sometimes people accidentally deleted important information from their device and they desperately need to recover the deleted data. A forensic examination can recover important text or sentimental pics from a phone. Even if the screen is cracked or the phone is otherwise damaged.

If any of these reasons apply to you be sure to consult with a cellular forensic consultant to examine your phone in a professional manner.

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