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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Extramarital Infidelity - How to Catch a Cheater

Extramarital affairs and spousal infidelity are unfortunately commonplace today, and while the statistics may not affect you -- the feelings associated with the thoughts that your spouse may be cheating on you cannot be overlooked. Whether you have just started to suspect that your spouse may be cheating on you, or you are ready to either confirm, or disprove, your "gut instinct" -- it is much easier to catch a cheater today than it was even a few years ago.
In today's all-digital world, cheaters have looked to the internet to indulge in extramarital infidelity. In the past, initial-contact meetings and clandestine rendezvous took place in public locations, sometimes far away from home, but nonetheless in the public. Today, there is a significant chance that if your spouse is cheating on you, they have left very obvious tracks of their extramarital affair. For this reason -- catching a cheater, even if you do not yet have proof of extramarital infidelity, can be relatively easy.
Now, easy is relative, of course -- but online fidelity investigation services have popped up, which, if you are not familiar, gives you the opportunity to "track" your spouse's online activities on certain websites and through certain services. While it is unfortunate, "married but dating" websites and even so-called "escort" forums are very popular, but to the trained professional, they leave gaping holes where cheaters can be identified, tracked, and caught.
In many cases, an online fidelity investigation can take your spouse's email address, and use their resources to identify websites that your husband or wife may frequent, dating services that they may belong to, and potentially even identify profiles that your spouse may be using to cheat on you. If you are looking for undeniable proof of a spouse currently caught up in extramarital infidelity, the investigation service can even attempt to make contact with your spouse through their online profile -- and after they have confirmed that it is, in fact, your spouse, and the intentions -- they can deliver the proof of your spouse's infidelity to you.
While it is a gut-wrenching feeling to even think that your spouse may be cheating on you, it's important that once you have that feeling, that you obtain solid proof of their extramarital actions or intentions. The good and bad here is that while technology has made it easier for cheaters to cheat -- it has also made it easier for the faithful in a relationship to track, and catch, the cheating spouse.
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Friday, February 27, 2009

Does an Extramarital Affair Automatically Lead to Divorce?

Many wives, and even husbands, "jump the gun" so to speak, and wonder what the outcome of their marriage will be if they find out that their "gut instinct" is true. If you suspect that your spouse may be cheating on you, your mind may naturally wander to the not-too-distant future, and the "what could be". However, before you let your mind and emotions take over, and take you into the unfounded world of which you are contemplating, you need to, first of all, verify that your spouse is, in fact, having an extramarital affair.

Identifying an unfaithful spouse

While painful, the first step in healing the wounds over an affair is verifying whether or not the affair is actually taking place. While there are dozens of different signs that your spouse may be exuding that point to them cheating on you -- unless you have proof, or a confession, there will always be that lingering doubt in the back of your mind.

Because the unfaithful today use the internet to aide them in their extramarital activities, online infidelity investigation services are the recommended method of either validating your suspicions, or putting them to rest for good.

Avoiding the pitfalls of false accusations

In some cases, the act of falsely accusing your spouse of cheating on you can cause irreparable harm to your relationship. In fact, these accusations may trigger the type of distrust and hurt that cheating on your spouse yourself may cause -- accusations can be extremely damaging. For this reason, before you confront your spouse about your suspicions -- you need to have undeniable proof that they are, in fact, having an extramarital affair.

How to heal from an extramarital affair

Once you have verified that your spouse has been cheating on you, or did cheat on you in the past -- you need to confront them and take an honest look at your feelings. It will take time -- yes. You may actually need to separate yourself from your spouse for a season, and maybe even your kids for a short period of time as well. Get away, sort your personal feelings about yourself out, identify what you really want, and then go back to discuss things with your spouse.

Now, there is no denying it -- sometimes marriages will not work out after an extramarital affair. However, more times than not, there are ways to keep a marriage together, and even make it even stronger than it was before.

While it is true that extramarital infidelity can wreak havoc on a relationship, and it certainly can cause walls to go up between couples when an extramarital affair has taken place -- an affair does not have to destroy a marriage.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Can I Tell If My Spouse is Cheating on Me?

It's an unfortunate reality that extramarital affairs are so rampant these days, but it is a reality, nonetheless. When you have that "gut feeling" that your spouse is seeing somebody else, or at least talking to somebody else -- that is the time to take action and either disprove, or validate, your feelings. Before you confront your spouse, though -- one of the first things that you should do is look and listen.
Look and listen -- identifying traits of an unfaithful spouse
An extramarital affair can take on a few different forms -- person-to-person contact that includes physical intimacy, casual person-to-person relationships that are purely emotional, and purely emotional relationships with no physical contact, which are generally starting points from relationships developed over the phone, through the mail, or over the internet. Regardless of the type of relationship that may be happening, however, there are certain changes that may take place with your spouse, which could be indicative of an extramarital affair.
For instance, if your spouse is engaged in an extramarital affair:
-They may spend a lot of time on the computer, generally in a secretive way.
-They may start to become more distant from you -- they no longer share their feelings, concerns, or hopes -- they tend to "clam up" instead.
-They become indifferent. If you and your spouse disagree about something, and you used to have arguments, but now your spouse acts as if they do not care -- this could be a sign as well.
-They may start to take an out-of-the-blue interest in their appearance. Maybe they start up a gym membership, start jogging, purchase new cloths, or start to wear more makeup.
-They may spend more time at work -- either working late, working weekends, or off-schedule trips to the office for ambiguous reasons.
Honestly, while the signs of a cheating spouse are abundant, these signs can sometimes be misleading -- there could be any number of reasons why your spouse is acting "suspicions", and it may not have anything to do with them being involved in an extramarital affair. Any one of life's circumstances can cause us to act differently, even getting older. For this reason, before you confront your spouse on something as serious as extramarital infidelity, you should have absolute proof that your spouse is, in fact, cheating on you.
There are alternatives to private investigators, such as online investigation services, which will allow a third party to track your spouse's online activities. This way, if you simply cannot shake the feeling that your spouse may be cheating on you, at least you can have the proof you need to confront them should the need arise.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Asset Search and Your Financial Future

Performing an asset search will help you in many financial ventures. The advantage is that you have an idea whether or not a potential business partner, investor or employee is trustworthy and capable of making endeavors successful. There may be a number of laws protecting individuals' assets but it is always your responsibility to gain information to minimize possible scams and frauds. In some areas, you may easily gain access to public records for confirmation.
There are different packages available depending on how much information you wish to acquire regarding someone's assets. Basic searches will most likely include personal belongings, properties and credit history. There are very reliable Web sites that offer advanced asset searches which will provide you more details like past financial ventures, previous companies the person has worked for, previous companies the person owned, aircraft and watercraft ownership, bankruptcy if any, tax liens, corporate records, enhanced marriage and divorce check, judgments on small claims, house ownership, estimated income based on average house value and neighborhood income and other persons he or she may have worked with in the past.
Online asset search engines will use a variety of techniques and advanced tools featuring a huge database to make sure that all figures and details are accurate and up-to-date. Financial and property assets will be searched, investigated and verified to prove whether or not the person is telling you the truth regarding his or her credibility. When viewing an asset search report, you have to know how to watch out for bad signs such as:
1. His or her personal lifestyle does not match the estimated income. If the person seems to own so much, but have a disproportionate income, you may start to feel doubtful and ask questions.
2. The person has a number of civil suits filed against him or her or the person has filed a number of civil suits to other parties in a financial endeavor. To shield yourself from major losses and fraudulent activities, find out everything you can about the transaction and the person you are doing it with.
3. The individual has declared bankruptcy in the past. Although bankruptcy is not immediately a negative factor, you still have to find out if the cause was reasonable.
Even if the person has had mishaps with finances in the past, the decision to reconsider and get into a venture with him or her remains entirely up to you. You will need the person's basic identifying information before you are able to conduct a successful asset search online. It will be easier for searchers to narrow down the target if you also include the address, approximate age and current employment. Searches will usually be based on public records since regulations still prioritize the privacy and confidentiality of the individual unless you have legal basis and permission to access other types of records.
It is equally important to keep your assets protected by using a number of strategies. Getting a lawyer and accountant will help you make wiser decisions. Liabilities and taxes can also be reduced through useful approaches like insurance and properly choosing the type of partnership that is most advantageous for you. Keep your records as private as possible to keep others from acquiring asset info that may put your business or financial stability at risk. Also learn about state laws and regulations that will help boost the performance of your assets and maximize your security.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Reverse Email Lookup and Header Trace to Stop Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is a frequent and growing problem on the internet. As more people turn to social networks and online chatting, doors are being opened for these criminals to step in and take bait. Even worse, cyberstalking can and often does evolve into email stalking, which can be quite frightening if you aren't prepared for it happening in the first place.
Most times, cyberstalking will start out as a simple instant messenger chat session or a few emails back and forth. But the person on the other end will eventually command your complete attention and want 'more' from you. This is where the problem tends to start.
These internet stalkers are weird in a sense that they are quite antisocial, but often obsessive compulsive; no matter how much they try to hide about themselves, it is this one quality that they cannot hide. It is this one quality that should also warn you about a potential stalker. Someone who sends you numerous emails, whether they be just annoying or harassing, and goes to great lengths to remain anonymous could be a very dangerous person. Though it may not seem to be a big deal in the beginning, this could evolve into a serious cyberstalking situation.
Cyberstalkers will try to obtain personal information about you and use it against you. They will harass you and try to blackmail you, keep in mind that this person doesn't have to even know you at all. Another thing that is commonly seen in cyberstalking cases is that the stalker often plays up their role as a victim. They will try to publicly place blame on you for whatever they can, all the while getting a pity party from onlookers. Cyberstalkers are also known to try and humiliate their victims wherever they can by publishing false information, so any online communities that the victim frequents are often venues for this harassing behavior.
None of these events should be taken lightly, or even ignored. There have been times where cyberstalking became physical and victims have had to fear for their personal safety. You never want to let the situation get to that point. It is always wise to seek help at the first sign of trouble to avoid anything getting out of control.
You can easily do a reverse email lookup to try and find out the person behind the emails, but it's likely to be an alias. To resolve the issue quickly, you should hire a private investigator to do a professional email trace. They will give you a comprehensive report of their findings, and it will include the stalker's real name, address and phone. During this investigation they will also perform a header trace to compare the information in the emails to that of other reported incidents to try and find similarities. Each of these methods is highly effective in identifying the stalker, and often will reveal enough information that you are able to rise above the situation and put an end to it.
Anytime you feel you are being stalked via email, instant messenger, or any other means of internet communication, you should immediately consult a qualified private investigator for advice. Harassment of any kind is never acceptable, and it may well be an issue of cyberstalking.
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Social Networking Sites - Open Door For Extramarital Relationship

Social networking sites are ever so popular among young and old crowds these days, and they are also a breeding ground for an extramarital relationship. Everybody has a MySpace page and a Facebook wall, and there are a number of other social networking sites out there on the internet. Yes, it's okay to be sociable to some extent, but it can quickly turn into an unfaithful situation.
When you first met your spouse they had a MySpace page, and you may have met them through that very medium. You never put any thought into it, but don't you think it's possible for them to 'meet' someone again? Even if you guys got together through the old school method of dating, you know, the normal face to face, we just happened to bump into each other and spoke type thing, social networking could still be a hazard to your marriage.
You felt like it was okay for your spouse to keep their social networking profiles, of course, because you have your own. But what if you don't know about one or two your spouse may have created? Cheating spouses have been known to do that very thing, and there really is no way to tell just by normal speculation.
Social networking sites don't limit the number of accounts you have, all you need is a valid email address. It's really easy to meet people, even in your own area, and 'add' them as your friends. Some people go to places like MySpace to just have fun and chat with other people who have like interests. But, there are a lot of singles hanging out in places like that, and they are on the hunt for a date. Because of this, social networking sites have become somewhat of a problem for married couples, and that harmless profile might lead to an extramarital relationship.
Although, it's usually not intentional, men and women tend to get a thrill out of meeting new people who take an interest in them. They appreciate the flattery, and depending on the circumstance of their marriage, it may lead them to fall much harder. Now, there are those who use social networking as a means of actually meeting people to cheat, and if you have any worries that your spouse might be one of them, you should definitely look into it.
If you have fears that your spouse may be having an extramarital relationship, you will need the assistance of an expert private investigator. They will be able to find out where your spouse has profiles, and if they are in fact using social networking to cheat. Make sure the you hire a PI that's experienced in infidelity investigations as they will be able to provide the most accurate results, and they will cover all bases so that all of your concerns are addressed. Not only that, but they will do so discreetly, so your spouse will never know that they are being investigated. And anytime you have a cheater on your hands, you want to be sure NOT to tip them off. So if there's something to be uncovered, a dating service investigation would be your way to go.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Find Your Ex-Girlfriend and Get a Second Chance at Lo

Find Your Ex-Girlfriend and Get a Second Chance at Love

Everyone has gone through a breakup at some point and time in life. Some relationships were fly-by-night and others may have been a little long term. You remember one breakup like it happened just yesterday, and you never got the chance to talk to her after wanted to so badly, though. You shared some great times with your ex-girlfriend, she was your first love, your only love, and she still holds your heart today. If only you could talk to her just once more, maybe see her face again...

Okay, let's jump back into reality here. You haven't seen your ex-girlfriend since the breakup. She left and you never saw her again. You went to her place, and it was empty, and her phone number had been disconnected. You don't know any of her relatives, or rather you don't know how to get in touch with them, so it seems like every road leads you to a dead end. There's no way you'll ever find her, you'll never get a second chance. You keep going over the possibilities in your head, but you just don't know how you could ever find her.

There is hope, and it's much simpler than you probably think. You simply need to hire a private investigator to do a people finder search for you. You've already got your ex-girlfriend's basic info- her name, age, old address and phone number. The PI will do all the rest for you. In fact, they might be able to find her in the next 24 hours! Wouldn't that be awesome?

Just to be clear, a people finder search doesn't always return the perfect result. Sometimes, you can have every detail about a person and still be unable to find them. When something like this occurs, the private investigator will just dig a little deeper. With the information contained in the original search report, the PI will then proceed to perform what is called a skip trace. This method of investigation is more advanced and on average, it will take about two weeks for the PI to find your ex-girlfriend. But, she WILL be found, and this is the one thing that matters most to you!

You won't need to do anything extra while the investigation is underway, you just have to be patient and wait for the PI to do their job. Trust that the time spent will be well worth it, and just keep in mind that you will finally get your second chance with your ex-girlfriend. You will be able to make things 'right' between the two of you and be happy again.

If you decide to hire a PI to perform this investigation, be sure they are an expert locater and have experience with people finder searches and skip trace investigations. Do your homework and research their name and PI agency to see if they are considered to be experts in this very cutting edge type of investigation.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Find Lost Loved Ones With a People Finder Search

Find Lost Loved Ones With a People Finder Search

Do you sit and worry some days about your best friend or perhaps your high school sweetheart? You wonder how they are doing and if they're okay, but you have no way of knowing because they moved away while you were still young. Those days don't have to continue, and you don't have to constantly fear the worse for them. You can be reunited with your high school sweetheart, or find your old time best friend by using a People Finder Search service.

Maybe ten years have passed since you last saw them, or possibly more. No matter the span of time, you remember the times you shared just like they happened yesterday. You sit and wonder sometimes if they remember the old days, if they even think about you. You hope that they do, and you also hope that you'll get to see them again. You can hire a private investigator to assist you in your search, and they will be able to produce results in about a day.

You'll need to have on hand some general information about your friend or sweetheart, like their full name, their age, and last known address. The private investigator will then begin the people finder search. Often times, an experienced PI will be able to give you their current phone number and address, and any other addresses they can find for them in the past ten years. So, if they've moved around a lot, or have a habit of bouncing around from place to place and back again, you'll still be able to find them.

In the event that you're unable to reach them with that information, you'll also have on hand a list of possible relatives of that person. So, if you can't get in contact with them directly, someone in their family might be able to point you in the right direction. Most PI's will also give you information about neighbors, and anyone else who might be living in that same household. A people finder search is your best bet in locating your best friend or high school sweetheart, and it's not costly at all.

On average, a private investigator will be able to do a full search, complete with details, in 24 hours and the price for all the results you will get won't be more than forty or fifty dollars. Isn't that worth being reunited with your loved one? You bet it is! Imagine finally being reunited after ten or twenty long years of absolutely no contact whatsoever...being able to talk to that person again will just fill your heart with warmth and love. Just to know that they're doing okay and are living their life in happiness. It will bring you peace of mind and joy to your soul.

Should you decide to hire a PI to perform this investigation, be sure they are an expert in People Finder Search and other related investigations. Do your homework and research their name and PI agency to see if they are considered to be experts in this very cutting edge type of investigation. In less time than you think, you could finally be talking with your high school sweetheart again, or catching up with your childhood best friend.

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