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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Identify a MySpace User

Hey I just got another article published today.
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n today's new world of online social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster etc we might find that we have more interaction with people we know online than people we know in real life. Just like real life, online friendships and acquaintances can vary widely.

Some are close and some are just passing friendly comments and good wishes. Sometimes online, just as in real life, friendships can go bad and that person you once considered a friend has now become an enemy.

In real life when a friendship turns sour we can usually avoid the other person. But it it's an online friendship there's really no boundary to keep that ex friend from visiting your MySpace to see what your up to.

This can be a bit creepy.

It can get worse if it escalates to online stalking, harassment or defamation via these social networking sites.

This ex friend can start to create MySpace accounts with the sole intention of using that MySpace to harass you. Unless they come right out an admit it them it can be difficult to identify the MySpace user.

How to deal with a MySpace stalker:

You can contact MySpace and complain. They are pretty good at closing accounts but there's nothing to stop your stalker from creating another page five minutes later.

You can try to identify the stalker by hiring an expert that deals with online stalking and Internet defamation cases. These experts are usually private investigators that also specialize in email tracing. They have unique skills to locate and identify a MySpace user.

If you do decide to hire an expert be sure to check their credentials by doing a quick online search of their name to see if they are recognized in the field of online investigations.

Be sure to print out the offending pages and keep copies for your records in case it escalates to police or civil lawsuit. Either way do not encourage the conflict or allow it to escalate. If you take the right steps and consult with the right experts your negative experience with a MySpace stalker can be resolved quickly and easily.

Ed Opperman is the president of Opperman Investigations.

He is considered as an Email Tracing expert. If you need assistance in dealing with a Myspace stalker you can visit his web site.

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