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Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog Wars and Stalker Blogs

Ever heard of a blog war? How about Blogger stalking? Usually when you think of a blogger the image that comes to mind is a nerd with glass's and pocket protector in his mothers basement typing away on his computer about the upcoming Star Trek Convention.

But that's just the stereotype. Today there are political blogs, blogs on love advice, medical advice and legal advice. Many people use there blog as an online personal diary to keep in touch with friends and family and hopefully make new friends.

But unfortunately the cyber stalker has also found a use for the blog. They create blogs to attack, harass and defame their victims. Foolishly thinking they cannot be located or identified from their anonymous blog post.
Today there are private investigators that not only can locate and identify the offending blogger they can also run an online risk assessment to help protect you before you become a victim of a cyber stalker or identity thief.
If you are going to hire an investigator be sure to Google them first to see if they are a recognized expert in email investigations and online risk assessments.

ED Opperman is president of Opperman Investigations Inc.He is considered an Email Tracing Expert. His website, offers Blog Or Social Network Identification Investigations, Email Tracing and Online Risk Assessments.

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