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Friday, September 4, 2009

Does an extramarital affair automatically lead to divorce?

Many wives, and even husbands, "jump the gun" so to speak, and wonder what the outcome of their marriage will be if they find out that their "gut instinct" is true. If you suspect that your spouse may be cheating on you, your mind may naturally wander to the not-too-distant future, and the "what could be". However, before you let your mind and emotions take over, and take you into the unfounded world of which you are contemplating, you need to, first of all, verify that your spouse is, in fact, having an extramarital affair.

Identifying an unfaithful spouse

While painful, the first step in healing the wounds over an affair is verifying whether or not the affair is actually taking place. While there are dozens of different signs that your spouse may be exuding that point to them cheating on you -- unless you have proof, or a confession, there will always be that lingering doubt in the back of your mind.

Because the unfaithful today use the internet to aide them in their extramarital activities, online infidelity investigation services are the recommended method of either validating your suspicions, or putting them to rest for good.

Avoiding the pitfalls of false accusations

In some cases, the act of falsely accusing your spouse of cheating on you can cause irreparable harm to your relationship. In fact, these accusations may trigger the type of distrust and hurt that cheating on your spouse yourself may cause -- accusations can be extremely damaging. For this reason, before you confront your spouse about your suspicions -- you need to have undeniable proof that they are, in fact, having an extramarital affair.

How to heal from an extramarital affair

Once you have verified that your spouse has been cheating on you, or did cheat on you in the past -- you need to confront them and take an honest look at your feelings. It will take time -- yes. You may actually need to separate yourself from your spouse for a season, and maybe even your kids for a short period of time as well. Get away, sort your personal feelings about yourself out, identify what you really want, and then go back to discuss things with your spouse.

Now, there is no denying it -- sometimes marriages will not work out after an extramarital affair. However, more times than not, there are ways to keep a marriage together, and even make it even stronger than it was before.

While it is true that extramarital infidelity can wreak havoc on a relationship, and it certainly can cause walls to go up between couples when an extramarital affair has taken place -- an affair does not have to destroy a marriage.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cheaters Can't Hide From a Computer Forensic Examination

Extramarital activity is an unfortunate reality these days; nobody is immune to the devastation caused by a cheating partner. While there are a large number of marriages and partnerships with wholly committed individuals, for every truly committed relationship there are several where at least one partner is, in some way, sneaking around on the other. Today's technologies have created a bubble of sorts, allowing cheaters to carry on with their extramarital activities with what they think is complete privacy. However, what most cheaters do not know is that, even though they may think that their ways are well hidden, there are ways to uncover what it is that they've been up to.

A computer forensic examination can help you recover previously deleted data from a computer's hard drive. This 'deleted data' can include everything that has ever been stored on the computer -- images, videos, visited websites, emails, installed applications, and more. In some cases, a computer forensic expert may be able to piece together several years' worth of data that was supposedly deleted a long time ago. The main tools that cheaters use to hide their illicit activities allows them to clear their web browsing history, cookies, remove items from their recycle bin, and remove form data. Now, if you're not a computer expert, deleted files and histories might as well as be gone forever, you're not likely going to be able to recover them yourself. However, just because a file was deleted from a computer does not mean that it is gone forever.

When a file, a history item, an email, or anything else, is added to a computer hard drive, that data is there permanently until it is overwritten by new data. It may take weeks, months, or years for data to become 'unrecoverable', and this is how cheaters can be caught by computer forensic examination services. If your spouse or partner is using their computer to cheat on you, the technology is here that will help you to recover files that have been deleted from their computers.

Cheaters can continue to clean their web browsing history, deleting their emails, removing incriminating photos and videos. Fortunately, many cheaters and would-be cheaters think that this is enough for them to cover their tracks and to hide their illicit ways from you. While thinking that your spouse is cheating on you is hardly a positive situation, at least you have a way to catch them where they least expect it. Cheaters can cheat, but they can't hide from a computer forensic examination.

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Catch Your Shouse Cheating

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How To Stop Cyber Stalking With A Reverse Email Search

Everyone knows how big of a problem cyber stalking is but what you don't know is that cyber stalking is becoming just as big of a problem. Did you know that there was a survey done that states that one million women and 371 thousand men are cyberstalked yearly in the United States?So what is cyber stalking? It is similar to stalking offline but not quite the same. It is basically where someone uses electronic communication media to harass you, threaten you, bully you or try their best to intimidate you, their victim.The communication media that they might use can include email, websites, forums, newsgroups, instant messaging and anything else that is online.You will know when you have someone cyber-stalking you because they use a large variety of techniques to harass you or their other victims.

You may find that you start receiving hostile and unwelcome or unwanted emails.The key word is unwanted. If you feel uneasy about the contact someone is giving to you they may very well be stalking you online.They may publish false information about you in chat rooms and forums. They have also been found to pose as victims in provocative and confrontational sessions online and in email messages with other people. They will also use MySpace and other online sites to harass their victims.To get to their victims there are many times that physical stalkers become cyber stalkers.

The internet makes it easier for stalkers to contact their victim in a lot of new ways.This doesn't mean that you don't want to get online, it just means that you need to be careful when you are online. Always pay attention and watch what you are doing.Putting personal information online in an unsecured area is a bad idea unless you are running an online business and want to be contacted. Even then that contact should always be in a professional manner relating to the business you offer.One thing you need to be aware of is that the stalking starts online as cyber stalking, it can still turn into physical stalking. This means that you could start receiving unwanted and abusive phone calls frequently. You could experience vandalism, trespassing and maybe even a physical assault.As you can see, the problem of cyber stalking is not uncommon and there are steps that can be taken to make your life a lost easier.You do not have to sit back and get walked over.You can hire a private investigator that is an expert in reverse email investigations. They can trace the email back to the senders, locate and identify him and deliver a report that can be used in a court of law to prosecute your stalker.Stalking is serious business and should not be taken lightly so be sure the investigator you hire is qualified to carry this investigation through to the end. Many older investigators will not be familiar with this field and mistakenly tell you that a supeopne or search warrent is required. In their confusion they may also think you are asking them to hack into someone email account. Make sure the PI you hire is widely acknowledged as an expert in email tracing and is therefore qualified to handle the job.

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Cyberstalking Prevention

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Asset Search-Locate Hiden Funds and Secret Bank Accounts

Ed Opperman

Getting into a financial venture with a company or an individual proves to be tricky endeavor. True, there are laws that will help you file a case should the transaction turn out fraudulent, but it is always better to nip the problem at the bud and find out if what you're getting into is legitimate. Public records is one of the most effective channels you can explore when conducting an asset search.There are different packages available depending on how much information you wish to acquire regarding someone's assets. Basic searches will most likely include personal belongings, properties and credit history. There are very reliable Web sites that offer advanced asset searches which will provide you more details like past financial ventures, previous companies the person has worked for, previous companies the person owned, aircraft and watercraft ownership, bankruptcy if any, tax liens, corporate records, enhanced marriage and divorce check, judgments on small claims, house ownership, estimated income based on average house value and neighborhood income and other persons he or she may have worked with in the past.Online asset search engines will use a variety of techniques and advanced tools featuring a huge database to make sure that all figures and details are accurate and up-to-date. Financial and property assets will be searched, investigated and verified to prove whether or not the person is telling you the truth regarding his or her credibility. When viewing an asset search report, you have to know how to watch out for bad signs such as:1. His or her personal lifestyle does not match the estimated income. If the person seems to own so much, but have a disproportionate income, you may start to feel doubtful and ask questions.2. The person has a number of civil suits filed against him or her or the person has filed a number of civil suits to other parties in a financial endeavor. Find out the details to stay protected from unscrupulous schemes and other dishonest activities.3. The individual has declared bankruptcy in the past. Although bankruptcy is not immediately a negative factor, you still have to find out if the cause was reasonable.Even if the person has had mishaps with finances in the past, the decision to reconsider and get into a venture with him or her remains entirely up to you. You will need the person's basic identifying information before you are able to conduct a successful asset search online. It will be easier for searchers to narrow down the target if you also include the address, approximate age and current employment. Searches will usually be based on public records since regulations still prioritize the privacy and confidentiality of the individual unless you have legal basis and permission to access other types of records.It is equally important to keep your assets protected by using a number of strategies. Getting a lawyer and accountant will help you make wiser decisions. Liabilities and taxes can also be reduced through useful approaches like insurance and properly choosing the type of partnership that is most advantageous for you. Keep your records as private as possible to keep others from acquiring asset info that may put your business or financial stability at risk. Also learn about state laws and regulations that will help boost the performance of your assets and maximize your security.

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How to Catch an Unfaithful Spouse

Extramarital affairs, whether they are physical or purely emotional, are far too common these days. While a commonly accepted statistic is that up to 50% of marriages will end up in divorce, the number of married-but-uncommitted partners is substantially higher. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is find out if they are, in fact, seeing or talking to somebody else. Here are three ways that you can catch an unfaithful spouse.

Check their cell phone
Nowadays, it is exceptionally likely that if there is any unfaithfulness in your marriage, that your spouse's cell phone is being used to commit their extramarital activities. The good-amongst-the-bad news here is that there are quite a few different ways that you can identify an unfaithful spouse by their cell phone activity. You can look through their sent and received calls, you can check their voicemail, you can read their text messages, or you can send the cell phone into a digital forensics investigator so that they can recover deleted text messages, e-mails, or possibly even the cell phone's call history.

Especially if your spouse has engaged in a physical relationship, there is a good chance that they have used their cell phone during the course of committing the affair. So, checking your spouse's cell phone is one of the most reliable ways to catch an unfaithful spouse.

Catch them in a lie
If your spouse is being unfaithful, it is guaranteed that they are lying to you in some capacity. They need to cover their tracks to account for hours of the day that they were not available, the phone calls that are showing up on the caller ID, or because they need to make excuses to head out of the house to either talk to, or see, the person with whom they're cheating on you with. Unless your spouse is a master liar, there is a good chance that it would not take much effort to elicit conflicting stories for their day-to-day activities or out-of-the-norm occurrences around the home.
Monitor their internet usage

Overwhelmingly, extramarital activity either starts, or is limited to, activity on the internet. Statistically, women are just as likely to utilize the internet for extramarital activity as men are, if not more likely. Like checking your spouse's cell phone activity, there are quite a few different ways you can go about monitoring your spouse's internet usage. You could install tracking software on your computer that would monitor your spouse's keystrokes, capture their e-mails, and keep record of the websites they visit.

Additionally, you could hire an online investigator to check and see if your spouse is using married-but-dating websites, adult chat websites, or any number of websites that cater to singles or married people looking to cheat on their partner.

While there are a large number of ways that you could catch an unfaithful spouse in the act, these three methods we have outlined here are amongst the most reliable, and probably easiest ways to catch them and find out if they are, in fact, cheating on you.

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