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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Find a Bail Skip With A Reverse Email Search

As a professional bail bond agent, bounty hunter or recovery agent you will probably be surprised to learn how a reverse email search can assist you in locating and recovering a bail skip. In fact most intake forms at the average bail bond office do not even have a field for the applicant to provide an email address.

This is a big mistake. An email address is an excellent tool in maintaining contact with the defendant before they ever skip in the first place, but it's even better for locating the defendant should they run out on their bail or miss court. A reverse email search investigation when conducted by an expert can pinpoint the exact location of your skip.

An auto email responder program can be used to maintain contact with a client. Remind them of pertinent court dates and telephone check in times and to verify and update contact information. If a client skips you can review the recorded IP addresses of the clients email responses and see if there is a pattern. Possibly another location the client uses to read and reply to his emails at a certain time of day. Perhaps from a girlfriend or relatives computer or a specific public library.

But if they fail to maintain contact or skip out on you, a reverse email search is an excellent method to track them down and locate exactly where they are when they open an email.

Other forms of online investigation services such as locating and monitoring social network sites like Friendster, MySpace or Facebook can also be extremely effective methods. Likewise an online dating service search to locate the personal ads sites the skip has memberships. Just because a client skips on bail does not mean they stopped dating.

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