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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Legal Reasons To Hire An Investigator To Locate A Persons Place Of Employment

Is it legal to hire a private investigator to locate a persons current place of employment? The answer depends on the motive behind your request. There are many perfectly legal and legitimate reasons to locate someone's place of work or current job but there are also many motives that could land you in big trouble. This article will attempt to outline some of the legitimate reasons and also some motives that may not fall under permissible reasons.

For instance if your intentions is to stalk, threaten, intimidate or harass then obviously you do not have a legitimate reason. You are committing a serious crime. If the investigator uncovers this motive he is obligated to report you to the police. But what if you have a crush on someone and want to know where they work to casually run into them? Is that legitimate or authorized reason? The answer is no. A person has a reasonable expectation of privacy and it should not be violated for frivolous reasons.

An example of a legitimate reason would be a place of employment locate to serve a subpoena. If you have a summons or subpoena and have attempted to serve at all other known addresses you can permissibly attempt to locate a work address to serve process. Another authorized reason would be to serve the employer with an income execution or child support order to garnish the subjects wages. In child support cases you may also need to determine their current employment to show their actual salary and wages for a court appearance to obtain child support.

Perhaps you have a court judgment and want to see where they work to collect on your judgment. This is also a very legitimate reason for a POE or place of employment locate search. Another reason might be a workman's comp type case. Perhaps a person is collecting benefits because they claim they are unable to work. A place of employment locate could be just the proof needed to show that the person is falsely or illegally obtaining insurance payments when they actually are capable of working.

If you believe you have a legitimate reason that is not covered here in this article you should consult with a private investigator to be sure that you are not violating a persons right to privacy before investigating their work address or place of employment. It's always best to consult with a professional that has experience in this field of investigation before possibly getting yourself in trouble.

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