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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Common Reasons Why People Recover Deleted Text Messages

There are many reasons why a person may have to send their cell phone to a cellular forensic consultant to retrieve deleted text messages. But it seems that there a few reasons that are the most common.

1. Infidelity Investigations Almost everyone is suspicious of their spouse or lover. They also suspect their partner is cheating on the,.They want to snoop in their spouses cell phone text messages but their partner deletes all the texts before they get the chance. Initially they want to read the texts but after finding out all the kinds of data that can be recovered and documented they want to see everything. Like location tracking reports, deleted pics, call logs and calendar, date book.

2. Criminal Defense A criminal defendant is accused of making text threats or violating a TPO and they need to document the exact content of the text messages they sent or received. Also drug conspiracy cases, or alibi evidence. Proving you were at one place when you are accused of being at another place.

3. Civil Litigation Today many contracts or business deals are negotiated over text messages and emails sent and received from mobile devices. A forensic examination can recover and document the exact language used in negotiations or agreement.

4. Clearing Your Name Often a client will be accused of inappropriate texting or sending inappropriate pictures. A forensic examination will recover the evidence to prove your innocence and clear your name.

5. Employee Misbehavior or Theft The owner of a business may need to check up on employee behavior or possible theft investigation, location tracking etc. A yearly check up on an employees phone can show who's working hard and who's stealing.

6 Teen Misbehavior Parents like to check up on their teens and see where they have been, who they are communicating with, possible drug, sex or alcohol abuse. Teens are especially likely to send and receive sexually explicit pictures. Remember an under age child receiving sexually explicit pics is still guilty of possessing child porn. A quarterly check up on a kid's phone can save a kids life.

7. Accidental Deletion Sometimes people accidentally deleted important information from their device and they desperately need to recover the deleted data. A forensic examination can recover important text or sentimental pics from a phone. Even if the screen is cracked or the phone is otherwise damaged.

If any of these reasons apply to you be sure to consult with a cellular forensic consultant to examine your phone in a professional manner.

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