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Monday, September 26, 2011

Recover Deleted Pics - The Truth That Trash Reveals

The possibility of recovering deleted pics has been made possible by new technology. No matter what media you use, old files that have been removed accidentally or intentionally can be recovered. You may even be surprised to realize that the quality and resolution of the image are still very good.

There are several uses for digital picture recovery especially in cases like:

1. Formatted photos have been corrupted, damaged internally or destroyed by virus.

2. The media wherein the digital pics were stored was damaged, destroyed or inaccessible.

3. The digital pictures were intentionally deleted by individuals trying to hide evidence.

4. The digital pictures were accidentally deleted by automatic commands in the media.

5. The format has changed making picture viewing inaccessible or impossible to transfer.

On most occasions, malicious data can damage files and photos directly while other types of virus affects a large part of the computer system which includes digital pics. Some individuals may delete a number of files trying to get rid of the virus. New software available is able to recover both damaged existent pictures and damaged deleted ones. All images will be restored without compromising quality and detail. The installation of protection applications or antivirus programs can ensure the prevention of future corruption.

Some individuals may also think that their media is already obsolete or destroyed externally making it impossible to access pictures. Losing the computer connection of PDAs, cellular phones and other mobile gadgets keeps users from viewing or transferring picture files. However, memory sticks and sim cards can still be used by professionals wherein all stored data can be recovered and moved to a more accessible platform.

If you recover deleted pics, you may also be able to solve a number of mysteries especially if you want to prove online infidelity or other malicious activities done by persons you know. Some pictures may be intentionally deleted by individuals after viewing in order to eliminate evidence of dishonest actions. Most pictures that have led to the discovery of these types of activities include spouses with a third party, samples of drugs and other illegal materials and crime scenarios.

All types of media have commands to help manage allocation of files and maintain enough space in the memory. Cellular phones, PDAs and digital cameras may spur users to instantly delete pictures by group in order to save more space. Several uses accidentally delete a number of photos at once along with those that they might still be useful for them. The presence of a trash bin is advantageous since files are not eliminated completely. Even if the trash has been emptied, there are now advanced tools and programs that can still recover deleted pics through traces.

Finally, a change in the operating system or format of the media may cause problems in terms of file support making pictures impossible to view or manipulate. There are now software that can easily restore any type of file like GIF, JPEG, JPG, TIF, AVI, BMP and many more. A variety of brands and removable media and hard disk drives are supported by available software. All you need to do is bring the device or media to a professional and they will either fix it containing all retrieved photos or transfer all data in another accessible media such as a CD or DVD.

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