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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Expose A Craiglist Scam With a Reverse Email Search

Have you visited Craigslist is a free online classified ad web site. You can do just about anything on CraigsList. You can find a date, find a job, buy a car, find a roommate and unfortunately get scammed out of money. A reverse email search can help you find that Craigslist con artist.

Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark for people in the San Francisco area to find recourses online in one convenient place.. since then it has gone world wide and has over 20 million visitors a day. With 30 million visitors you know that it's going to attract scams, spam and crooks.

Here's a list of known CraigsList scams:

1. Personal Ad Scams. You answer a personal ad and a spammer on the other end will trick you into joining an online dating service under the rouse that they are a member and want to meet you but feel safer if you communicate through the dating service.

2. The Over Payment Scam. You place an ad for a roommate. The buyer emails you and offers more money than you were asking. They send you a check for several months rent in advance. After you deposit the check in your bank you get an urgent message requesting a small portion of the money back due to an urgent unexpected emergency. You refund a small portion only to find out the check is bad and now the bank wants to collect from you.

3. Damsel in Distress Scam. A person posing as a woman places an ad or posting seeking help. Either she is in an abusive relationship and needs money for a bus ticket or met a man online and he flew her to a far away place and now needs a plane ticket to get back home safely.

4. Paypal Scam. A person offers to buy an item from your garage sale and will pay via Paypal and pick up the item in person. Then they contact Pay Pal and claim the merchandise was never delivered. You have no proof of delivery and Paypal deducts the money from your account.

All of these Craig List con artists can be traced down, located and identified with a professional reverse email search investigation. These con artists think they are sneaky and they believe they can cover their tracks but they are wrong. Every day trained Internet investigators use reverse email search techniques to locate and identify scam artists and recover the money they stole. Most of the con men will quickly return the stolen money once they realized they have been traced and located via a reverse email search.

If you are the victim if a CraigsList scam you can hire a professional investigator that knows how to use a reverse email search to track down that crook and assist you in getting your money back. Be sure to do your research and do a Google search on the investigators name to see if they are recognized as an expert in email tracing and online fraud investigations.

Ed Opperman is president of Opperman investigations. If you need a reverse email search to locate a con man, bail jumper, runaway or parental kidnapper please visit

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