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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stop Internet Defamation With A Reverse Email Search Investigation

Internet defamation has become more than epidemic, its a plague! The Internet has reached the point where any anonymous person can create a fake email account and make any kind of accusation about anyone and say anything. Many times the victims of this kind of harassment is the target of a wide spread pattern of cyber stalking and the Internet defamation is only a portion of the attack. One crazed stalker with a lot of time on their hands can spend hours obsessing on their victim.

Not only is this kind of online defamatory abuse allowed it's actually encouraged by an every expanding group of Internet quick buck artists that have a found a legal loophole to make quick and easy cash. These unscrupulous con men set up web sites with legitimate sounding names that mimic consumer reporting web sites. Then they encourage outright libel and slander against innocent people and businesses. Sometimes even having their own employees create fictitious complaints.

They understand that by using the names of popular people and companies they will attract web site visitors. Those visitors will increase the traffic statistics of the web site and thus return high advertising revenue. In fact many of the advertisers specialize in assisting the victims of the defamation in clearing their name and reputation by offering expensive Internet reputation repair and public relations campaigns.

The sleazy operators of these web sites hide behind the first amendment of the constitution. So the victims have no recourse against the web site owners or web site hosting companies. But with a reverse email search investigation the actual people spreading the lies can be located and identified and held financially responsible for any monetary damages the victim of this Internet defamation is subjected to. In some cases they may also be held criminally responsible.

A private investigator experienced in Internet defamation cases and reverse email search investigations can catch these people in the act and then reduce their finds to a report that can be used as an exhibit in court. They can also testify on your behalf in a lawsuit to recover damages. For now the owners of these sleazy web sites may be able to escape from justice but the actual authors cannot. If they are spread false defamatory lies about a person they can be brought to justice and made to pay for their crimes. They may think they have gotten aawaay with their crime but time is on the side of the victim and every one of these cyber criminals can be caaught eventually.

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Ed Opperman is president of Opperman investigations. If you need a reverse email search to locate a con man, bail jumper, runaway or parental kidnapper please visit

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