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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is It Possible To Trace An Email If They Are On A Dynamic IP Address?

he short answer is yes you can trace any email even if it's on a dial up or dynamic IP address. A reverse email search investigation can be conducted on any kind of email service. You can still identify the owner of the email account. many times obtaining a full, name, address and phone number.

There are basically two kinds of IP addresses, dynamic IP, shared by many people or Static IP, only used by one computer or one user. many people believe that because the dynamic IP address is shared by multiple people it is impossible to narrow it down to the one user and identify that person. This is based on the common misconception that every email trace investigation begins an ends with an examination of the email herders, extraction of the IP address and a Whois trace of the IP address back to the ISP.

This is a plausible course of investigation if there is a criminal investigation by law enforcement or some civil litigation that will allow the investigator to obtain a subpoena deces tucem to be served on the custodian of records at the ISP. Once served the Internet service provider is compelled to turn over the user information associated with the IP address and they can do this whether the IP is dynamic or static.

But most email trace investigations do not end up in court or have the luxury of a court order to turn over identifying records. It's usually a private investigator that has to rely on his wits and years of experience and confidential sources. A PI will use data bases, pretext emails, trap lines and web bugs in order lure in the suspect and trick them into revealing identifying information about themselves.In fact an examination of the header and a trace of the IP address is only a very small portion of the average successful email trace investigation.

If you need to locate or identify a person behind an email address it's important you rely on expert advise. Do not rely on rumors and misinformation floating around Internet blogs and chat rooms from armchair investigators. If you need to locate or identify someone you have to rely on a private investigator that has years of experience in locating dead beats, bail jumpers and teen run aways. They have tried and true methods and systems they have been using for years before email was ever even invented.

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