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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Can Recover Deleted Text Messages in No Time at All

There are numerous individuals that do not even have a clue that it is possible to undelete deleted text messages and other types of data from a cellular device. However, this is one of the best possible investigative tools that is available today, to use when people would like to catch cheating spouses in a matter of 48 hours or even less.

When a cell phone forensics investigation is done on a blackberry or cell phone there is a lot of helpful evidence that an innocent victim of infidelity can obtain from the cell phone of the suspicious partner. Below you will find a list of various types of data that can be retrieved when you consult with a professional private investigator that has the experience to retrieve deleted text messages.

> SMS text messages
> Video
> Sext messages
> Caller ID
> Email addresses
> Contact names and phone numbers
> Address book
> Graphics and photographs
> Detailed call records that include received and dialed calls, with the duration and time of the calls

As you can see, there is a large amount of information that can be obtained when a cell phone forensic investigation is performed to retrieve deleted text messages and other data that may be helpful in either proving or disproving infidelity in your relationship. The good thing is you do not have to wait for days to receive the evidence that the PI recovers from the cellular device. Within 48 hours or less you are given a disk that contains a detailed report of all the data that was found.

Another beneficial advantage that this type of unique service can provide is information to parents of teenagers that they believe are engaging in activities that are not acceptable. When you have an experienced professional in cell phone forensics recover deleted text messages and other data from your teenagers cell phone, many times it can ease the mind of a parents suspicions. For those that suspect their teen is engaging in activities such as sexting, bullying, or even illegal drug use, parents often find all the information they need when they rely on the expertise given from a private investigator that knows how to retrieve deleted text and many forms of other data, so that the problem at hand can be confronted.

As times change and more technical devices are made available, it is important to stay on top of activities and infidelity that may be happening right under your nose. This can easily be done when you leave it to the professionals that have the experience to recover deleted text and other data from cell phones, without the chance of destroying any evidence.

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Sean Maverick said...

There are many data recovery tricks and software today, and they're cheap and easy to use. Some may neglect the fact that when the files are corrupted, their lives will be too coz we live in a Computer age where everything is stored inside a hard disk