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Saturday, May 7, 2011

How Can You Undelete Deleted SMS Messages From Your Cell Phone?

If you really want to know what your teen is up to, you need to know how to undelete deleted pics and retrieve deleted texts. There are too many dangers and too much temptation out there for you to simply hope for the best and pray that it all works out. Fortunately, you can do better than just hope.

Cell phones are pretty much an essential component of teenage life. It's pretty rare to see a teenager who hasn't mastered the art of thumbing out messages at a thousand miles an hour and rarer still to find one with out a cell phone at all.

And in many respects, this is a good thing. Now you can call your teenager to see what they are doing, and they are always able to contact you in case of an emergency. But like most everything else, cell phones can and are abused, especially by teenager who are, as a rule, not known for their great judgement. This is why its important for you to be able to undelete deleted pics and retrieve deleted texts.

One side effect of the ubiquity of cell phones in teenage life is the rise of something called "sexting". Teenagers being full of hormones and lacking in impulse control have found that you can very easily use the camera and text functions on cell phones to send naked pictures and dirty texts to each other.

There are lots of reasons why this should concern you, and not just the obvious ones. Certainly, you need to be concerned that your teen might be rushing into sexual activity way too early, but you also need to consider what could happen if naked pictures of them were sent around. Passing around pictures is as easy as pressing a button, and once they get out it's all but impossible to unring that bell.

Your teenager is not stupid, even if they are doing some stupid things. They are very unlikely to leave pics in their phone where you could find them. They will delete them, and you will have to undelete deleted pics.

What you should do is every so often, grab your kids phone and send it off to a data recovery specialist. These trained professionals will undelete deleted texts and pics and send it back the information back to you. This is only way to know for sure your teen is being safe and responsible.

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