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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Retrieve Deleted Text To See If Your Teen Is Taking Your Prescription Drugs

A huge problem that has been recovered in the last few years is teenagers that are getting into and taking their parents prescription drugs. What is so bad about this is there are countless parents that are completely oblivious to this type of behavior. To make matters worse is it is such a serious problem that it can not only cause serious injury to the teen, but in some cases it can even cause loss of life. Warnings are being made known to parents continuously but many of them have no idea how to find out if this problem is occurring right in their own home. One of the easiest ways to find out such important information is to speak with an experienced investigator that has the knowledge to retrieve deleted text from your teenager’s cell phone. In most cases children are misled into believing that if they erase messages and other data from the phone that it is no longer retrievable, however this is simply untrue.

Since most teens text back and forth with their friends about everything going on in their life, chances are that parents will easily be able to find out if they are getting into their prescription medications and taking them, when they retrieve deleted text. When a cell phone is sent to an experienced professional, they can generally perform a cell phone forensic investigation in as little as 7 days. After it has been completed, parents are sent detailed information on a disk with all the data that has been retrieved.

Text, sext, and SMS messages, telephone numbers and names of contacts, email addresses, graphics and photos, call records with time and duration of calls made and received, and a variety of other data can be recovered from cell phones when this type of investigation is performed. When experts retrieve deleted text, it gives parents the power to learn of the activities their teen is engaging in that they would otherwise have no way of knowing.

Expert investigators have thousands of dollars worth of forensic equipment that can retrieve deleted text and various other pieces of data without worrying of harming the phone or the information being recovered. This is not the case when people try to use SIM card readers that can be found in over-the-counter form. These readers are known for actually destroying data on the cell phones, which is why their use is highly discouraged.

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