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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Recover Deleted Text From a Palm OS PDA Cellular Phone

Have you had the shock of your life of finding your wife texting another man? Or, maybe you caught a glimpse of your husband deleted text messages off of his cell phone. Unfortunately there is a large number of men and women all over the world that have run into this very same type of situation, and it is not something that is getting any better by any means. Infidelity seems to continuously weed its way into an endless number of people's lives, and in its path it causes a tremendous amount of turmoil and pain. After an individual catches a spouse or partner right in the act of erasing any data that could have very well been the evidence you needed to confront them on their cheating, there are several people that often still wonder if there is a way to recover deleted text messages so that they can either resolve the problem or move on.

With the way cheating has become such a huge problem in our society, there are more people all the time who are contacting experts to perform cell phone forensic investigations on their Palm OS PDA cellular device. Not only can they recover deleted text messages that have been made and received, but they can also retrieve the following deleted data as well:

* SIM contact information that has been erased from the device
* To do list
* Memory image
* Information contained in the address book
* Device properties
* Memo
* JPEG images
* Date book
* Call logs that include the duration and time of calls received and made
* Other data that has been erased

You should always use an expert investigator that knows how to recover deleted text from your Palm OS PDA cellular device. Using over-the-counter SIM card readers is not recommended, as this will often lead to data that is completely destroyed, which means you will no longer be able to retrieve it.

An experienced professional that has the right tools and the knowledge that is needed to properly perform a cell phone forensic investigation can ensure that there will be no damage done to the data contained on the device. After sending in the phone that holds the data that you need undeleted, they will use specific tools to retrieve deleted text and any other data that is needed, and then you will be sent a disk that holds detailed information of the information recovered.

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