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Friday, July 9, 2010

Cyberstalking and the Benefits of a Reverse Email Search

From the very beginning with the creation of the Internet and when individuals were able to sign online and plug into the vast world of cyberspace, cyber stalking was a problem that came into being as well and started causing serious problems for a large number of people. During this time most people had no idea how to stop such a frightening experience and many of them would simply hit their delete button and ignore the continuous emails that they would receive containing either sexually explicit content or scary threats.

With time and constant advancements made in the high tech field of technology, there have been many changes when it comes to helpful answers helping innocent victims to know what to do when they have been targeted by a stalker. Another factor about cyberstalking that many people are unaware of is that out of all forms of this crime being committed on the Internet, either by message boards, instant messengers, social networking sites, and other areas of the web, as much as 34% of stalking cases are through the victims email account. This is a very frightening statistic, and the numbers increase every single year.

One of the most effective tools you can use to reveal the identity of a stalker on the Internet is with the use of a reverse email search. This is performed by knowledgeable investigators that can actually provide victims and authorities with needed information that can result in the identification of the stalker in question. When an individual submits the stalker's email address to the P.I., the reverse email trace is performed and a variety of beneficial information is obtained. To name a few of the items individuals receive with detailed information after the investigation has been completed on the cyberstalking that is occurring, would include the following:

· The stalker's full name
· Address where they reside
· Contact phone number
· Information concerning their employment
· Internet Service Provider (ISP) they use
· Links to areas on the Internet they have visited
· Other beneficial information

When you have a reverse email search investigation done, you will often be able to see the detailed information the investigator was able to find in about 24 hours. In the case the investigation was very involved, it may take up to two weeks before you obtain the results. Get control of your online experience and consult with a professional that can give you the information you need to reveal the stalker that is harassing you.

Ed Opperman is President of Opperman Investigations Inc. If you need help with a cyber stalking investigation visit
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