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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is Your Wife Having an Emotional Affair?

As many men already know -- extramarital infidelity can surface in a few different ways. Sometimes, a woman may be having a physical relationship with another man, in other cases -- a woman maybe having what appears to be a platonic relationship with another man, but the boundary between friends and "too close" have become blurred. There is a third type of relationship that a woman may have with a man, and this relationship is oftentimes the most difficult to detect -- an emotional affair with no physical contact.

Extramarital infidelity is, for many people, a type of an affair. While an emotional affair may lack physical intimacy, or even physical contact for that matter -- within the confines of marriage, generally the longing for another individual, or their attention, is usually viewed as a breach of the unwritten rules of a marital relationship. Even if the so-called "affair" is simply an emotional affair, this could have devastating effects on your relationship.

Signs your wife may be having an emotional affair
- Has your wife suddenly become more cheery, or just has a better demeanor about her for no apparent reason?
- Does your wife spend a lot of time on the computer, while being secretive about who she's chatting with, her e-mails, and the website she's visiting?
- Has your wife suddenly taken a renewed interest in her overall appearance?
- Has your wife suddenly lost interest in talking with you about her day's activities -- especially when she used to be a "chatterbox"?

Now, just because your wife is displaying one of the above signs, or even several of these signs -- this does not mean that she is necessarily engaging in extramarital infidelity. However, these are telltale signs that your wife may be developing an emotional interest and other man.

How to respond to potential extramarital infidelity

If you suspect that your wife may be, at the very least, talking to another man in an inappropriate way -- the first thing you need to do is get proof. Do not confront her -- if what you suspect is true, you may only end up building a bigger wall between the two of you. On the opposite side, if you confront your wife about potential infidelity and that simply is not happening -- you could do irreparable harm to your marriage. There are online fidelity investigation services that can help you to verify whether your wife may be involved in an inappropriate relationship with another man.

In many people's eyes -- cheating is cheating, regardless of whether it is physical or emotional. However, before confronting your wife on your gut feeling -- it is a good idea to get some solid proof to backup your suspicions.
If you have suspicions and need to know the truth be sure that you hire an investigator that knows his way around an Internet Infidelity Investigation. It's a cutting edge service and not every PI even realizes that it can be done. Before you hire someone check them out on the Internet. Run a Google search to see if they are recognized as an authority in this type of work. Also check for positive reviews or online complaints.

Ed Opperman is the Pres of Opperman Investigations Inc and the chief investigator for If you need assistance with a Dating Service (Infidelity) Investigation please feel free to visit his web site.

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