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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting Clues with Handheld Digital Forensics

If you are trying to look hints of foul play, handheld digital forensics is proven to be useful. There are several people now using mobile devices for data storage and communication. Since these tools carry a lot of information, they are also one way of proving dishonest activities in the workplace and relationships.

Take note that in the past few years, very serious cases like bomb threats, drug deals, rapes, murders and other crimes have been outwitted or solved with the use of information retrieved from post-mortem cellular phones and PDAs. Dangerous individuals get to store, hold and send vital information leading to each case. Any data extracted will serve as evidence to prove that the individuals were truly involved. It would also be better if the information would be taken before the mischievous activity takes place so that legal authorities will have a chance to stop it.

In the workplace, handheld digital forensics can be used to weed out employees who may be going under the system or stealing from the company. Simple text messages taken from cell phones or recorded voice mail can point out plans and any illegal undertakings. Companies may start investing in programs and having them secretly installed in cell phones and PDAs given out to employees. Although confidential matters should be kept away from the public, the company will therefore have the right to sift through any details that may hinder company development and growth.

These tools have also shown to be very effective in relationships as more and more couples want to learn about their partner's digital activities. Cellular phones can hold text messages, pictures, voice messages and other data which individuals can retrieve and view. Handheld digital forensics shows to be a potent means in solving online infidelity.
Every send and received data as long as in storage can be reviewed. Professional may find deleted messaged very hard to restore or trace. There will also be other important details that can seem relevant to unscrupulous cases like dialed numbers, duration of the call and location of the caller or other party. These are also commonly found in most billing records.

The beauty of handheld digital forensics is that it allows data to be retrieved even if the gadget or technology itself has been destroyed. For instance, cellphones can have a memory card or sim card that can function in storing outgoing and incoming information. Experts and advanced tools only need to access these to represent all contained information. A lot of people that want to investigate only need to bring the devices to an expert. They may also install other surveillance devices or programs into the material but there are risks of these being detected by antivirus and other protection software and applications.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST established guidelines in order to properly and legally analyze and retrieve evidence from digital artifacts. It is important for you to have legal basis first as to why you intend to sort out and review data. In the case of companies, owners and supervisors may use the fact that their development can be at risk due to dishonest workers. Couples can indicate that they are protecting the welfare of other family members and assets by reviewing possible dangerous schemes between the cheating spouse and the third party.

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