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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can You Recover Texts from an iPhone if You Don't have a SIM Card?

While many people believe it isn’t possible to recover text messages from an iPhone if you don’t have a SIM card inserted into the phone, this is not true. Another myth about cell phone forensics that continues to be passed around from person to person is it’s impossible to recover text if the cell phone is not in service. The fact is, functions like this can be performed quickly and easily. An experienced private investigator that has specialized knowledge in how to recover lost or deleted text messages can perform a task such as this in no time at all.

There have been tremendous strides made in the specialty field of cell phone forensics. The many changes that have been made enable expert investigators to perform practically any requirement you may have when it comes to mobile phones. Being able to retrieve text from cell phones that do not have a SIM card or service is just to name a few of the operations a private investigator regularly performs. Cell phone forensics is a specialty area that covers a wide range of unique services. Below is a list of some of the most common tasks that are often requested by lots of cell phone users today.

  • Recover texts that have been lost or deleted
  • Retrieve names, addresses, and telephone numbers from a contact list that was accidentally erased
  • Recover erased pictures, graphics, and videos
  • Retrieve deleted text and sext messages from a cheating partner’s phone
  • Recover email addresses, address books and caller ID lists that have been deleted
  • Retrieve call records that have been deleted from a cell phone. This includes times calls were made, calls received and dialed, and duration of each call

While there are quite a few different reasons why a person may want any number of these tasks performed on a cell phone, the biggest reason continues to be a cheating partner.
Regardless of the type of data that you would like to recover from a cell phone, it is vital to only consult with a leading private investigator that has specialized experience. They have the knowledge required and the tools needed to recover texts from a cell phone that does not have service or a SIM card. Trusting anyone else to provide a superior service like this will only result in data that is lost forever, and can even result in damage to your phone.

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