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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stay Protected on the Internet with New York Cyber Harassment Laws

If you are a person that frequents the Internet quite often, you may be opening yourself up to the chance of experiencing the problems that are most commonly associated with cyber harassment. With the growing number of men, women, teens, and children that browse the online world, it is no wonder that crimes like this occur more and more each year. Because cyber harassment has become a tremendous issue for numerous people in the Big Apple, there are New York cyber harassment laws that have been created for the continued protection of every person’s online experience.

As you will find stated in Penal Law Section 240.30 of the New York cyber harassment laws, there are several factors that are taken into account to determine if the crime of aggravated harassment in the second degree has in fact taken place. It is generally determined to be a crime when there has been intent to alarm, threaten, annoy, or harass another person in one of the following situations:

  • When communication with a person has occurred anonymously or other manner, with the use of the mail system, telegraph, telephone, or other form of communication and is written, to cause alarm or annoyance.
  • When anonymous harassment is communicated to another person on an electronic or mechanical device. This could be with the use of a video device, text messages or calls made from a mobile telephone, or emails and instant messages that are sent from a home computer system.

There is also a great deal of other valuable information contained in the New York cyber harassment laws that would be very beneficial for you to become familiar with. This is especially true in the event that you, a close friend, or one of your family members have become victim to the harassment of a cyber-bully.

One of the best and most effective ways to uncover the identity of a cyber-bully, and various other pieces of identifying information that you can supply the proper authorities would be through a reverse email look-up investigation. This is an extremely helpful investigative tool that experienced private investigators perform which helps victims of cyber harassment put an end to the harassing messages they are dealing with. This specific search and the New York cyber harassment laws which have been enacted are meant to help ensure that men, women, and children surfing on the Internet stay safe and have an enjoyable time.

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