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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Retrieve Deleted Text From a BlackBerry to Get Evidence

If you are married or in any type of long term relationship the question of whether your partner is loyal to you will most likely come up at some point. For many of us this question eats at us to the point that we look for many ways to determine if there are any grounds for our suspicions. Secrecy between partners is often a huge issue and can lead to false accusations and feelings of resentment and distrust. In most cases you can retrieve deleted text from someone's cell phone to get definite answers to this question.

The technology of forensic science has grown by leaps and bounds over recent years and it is now possible to retrieve deleted text messages and many other key pieces of information. In the past the technology was not available to do this, therefore once information was deleted it was simply gone with no way to recover it. Now, however, there are ways of retrieving large amounts of information from a cell phone even after it has been deleted. This type of digital forensic investigation can be performed on pretty much any cell phone including the newer BlackBerry devices which are so popular right now.

A forensic investigation on a BlackBerry or other cell phone can retrieve deleted text and so much more. For instance this type of investigation can recover things like who has been called, who calls have been received from, how long each call was, contact numbers that have been erased, text messages sent or received that have been erased and even deleted picture messages. In fact these investigations can often uncover almost anything that has been done with a particular device even after the information has been deleted.

Once you have made the decision to retrieve deleted text from your partner's cell phone it is important to leave this to the professionals. These forensic investigators are specially trained in the many ways of recovering this information without causing any damage to the device. In most cases this type of investigation is successful and completed within a relatively short amount of time, however time often depends on specific caseload of the investigator and the complexity of the particular device that the forensic investigation is being performed upon. In either case the information which is uncovered often makes it more than worth the wait because it gives individuals the much needed answers they are seeking.

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