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Thursday, April 7, 2011

How To Catch Someone Reading Your Private Emails

If you think someone is spying on you and reading your private emails you're probably right. Most people get an uneasy feeling when they are being watched or get a gut instinct when something just isn't right. In this case it's an uneasy feeling that someone has access to your private email account and they are secretly spying on you and reading your emails.

There are many signs that your email account has been hacked. Maybe people in your life seem to know things about you that they could not possibly have knowledge of unless they have read your private email messages. maybe you went into your mail box and found mails marked read that you haven't read yet. Or perhaps messages you have read are marked unread. Or items have been moved to or from your spam folder or recently deleted mail section.

Any kind of unusual activity or traces of activity that arouse your gut instinct that something is just wrong. If you feel this you have to trust your instincts and rely on that gut feeling. Hasn't it always been right in the past?

You have to be careful who you consult with about investigating a hacked email account. Friends and family may just tell you you're being paranoid or they may actually be the person that has somehow gained access to you emails. They may be the ones spying on you. You have to consult with a professional that has experience in this kind of investigation. Find a professional investigator familiar with the Internet and computer hard drive forensics. Find one that actually specializes in computer and email security investigations.

A private investigator that specializes in Internet investigations, email tracing and computer hard drive forensics will have the tools and software necessary to not only investigate and catch the stalker but also record and document their activity and reduce it to a report that can be used in court.

Most of all don't ignore the problem of a hacked email account. It's not going to just go away because you ignore it and bury your head in the sand. In fact this kind of stalking behavior can escalate if gone unchallenged. If a person is obsessed enough to go to the trouble to hack into your email account just to spy on you there is no way of knowing how unstable they are and how far they can take their obsession.

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