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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is it Really the Signs of Cheating You Are Seeing?

There are so many different signs of cheating that can occur in a relationship that sometimes it is actually hard to tell if that is for sure what you are noticing, and in some cases it can even be that various insecurities in your own mind are just playing tricks on you. In many cases it is an easy, cut and dry situation. But, in many others it is just not that simple. There are also times when a partner or spouse really does not want to believe what they are seeing, but at the same time they know they have to find out for sure if the signs of cheating they see are in fact warranted.

There is one very effective way to find out if the signs of cheating you are seeing are in fact true signs that you need to check further into, and it is through recovering deleted text and other types of data by having a cell phone forensic investigation performed. Most everyone these days continuously uses their cell phone for conversational purposes, for sending graphics and pictures, and for texting. This is true whether it be for business, with a friend or family member, or even with a secret person that they have been cheating with behind their spouse's back.

Some signs of cheating that many people pick up on is when they see their wife or husband deleting text messages and other data every time they turn around. You may notice your spouse or partner texting with a person they are being very vague about, and in some cases you may have even caught your wife texting another man right in front of your face. Even if your partner does their best at explaining these signs of cheating away, recovering deleted text messages and other data is one sure way to find out for sure.

Not only can you undelete deleted text messages with this type of investigation, there is also a wide range of other data that can be retrieved as well. Deleted entries in the cell phone's address book, sext or SMS messages, caller ID, call logs that include the time the calls were made and received, as well as the length of the calls, and a variety of other helpful information can be easily obtained when an expert private investigator is hired to retrieve deleted text messages and other informational data from a cellular device. There is no better way to find out for sure if the warning signals you are seeing are actually signs of cheating.

Ed Opperman, president of Opperman Investigations Inc is an expert in Internet Infidelity Investigations and Computer and Cell Phone Forensics. If you need help with an infidelity investigation visit
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