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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Asset Search - A Tool For Judgment Recovery

Every single year there is an endless amount of individuals that are successful at winning a case in their favor during a legal proceeding, and the end result is a judgment that is ordered against another individual. These judgments can often involve specific amounts of money that are ordered by a judge to be paid by a given date to the individual that has suffered damages for one of a variety of different reasons. An asset search investigation is one of the best tools that are available today and performed by experienced professional investigators that individuals can use to obtain judgment recovery against a person that has been unwilling to pay money owed. This could be for an unpaid loan, past due child support, and various other owed money.

One of the biggest reasons why this type of investigation has become so popular among so many individuals that are trying to obtain a successful judgment recovery is because they can often obtain good results in a very short amount of time. In many cases the investigation can be completed in as little as 24 hours. In other cases that may be much more involved and complex, it can take as long as one full week to complete an asset search investigation. Another benefit is the fact that you only have to supply a very small amount of information to the expert. This would include the person's name, their phone number, address, and their social security number. Once the search has been done, the expert investigator will supply you with a report that contains a detailed list of information regarding hidden funds and bank accounts they have been able to locate in the name of the individual that has a judgment against them.

An asset search is a legal search and is also a GLB compliant investigation. When an expert private investigator performs this type of search, some of the most common forms of assets that they are generally able to find would include the following items:

A business that has been obtained in the individual's name
Boats, airplanes, motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, and other vehicles that have been placed in the person's name
Real estate properties that have been purchased
Trust accounts placed in their name
Checking and savings banking accounts
Investments that would include mutual funds, bonds, and stocks

When these assets are found during an asset search investigation, it makes it much easier to submit your case to obtain successful judgment recovery.

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