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Saturday, January 3, 2009

How to Catch a Cheater - 5 Best Ways

This article I wrote has been picked up and published all over the Internet:

How to Catch a Cheater - 5 Best Ways

Too many marriages have come to a grinding halt due to the cheating of a spouse. At first, the innocent party will likely be in denial, out of fear of facing the truth. Eventually, that denial transforms itself into looking for ways to catch a cheating spouse so there will be incontrovertible proof. Here are a few ideas on how to catch a cheater.

1. Follow them - This may sound sneaky,but it is one way to catch your spouse cheating while in the act. Either you can follow them yourself, or get someone else to do it for you (a trusted friend or private investigator).

2. Check the numbers - In today's society, there are numbers for just about any transaction. Some people refer to this as a 'paper trail', and an easy way to catch your spouse cheating. Looking into credit card statements and phone bills can give clues to what your spouse is doing when they are not with you.

3. Go through their pockets - Finding a hand-written note that says "call me", a motel receipt, or a phone number written in lipstick are a few tell-tale signs that your spouse is having an affair. If you're worried about looking distrustful this can be done under the guise of doing their laundry for them.

4. Check their email - If you have a safe way to secretly read your spouse's email, then this can be a good way to find written evidence of cheating. A good tip is to check all of their email folders as they may be trying to hide the email messages from their lover. You may want to hire a PI to do a forensic examination of the computer to recover deleted emails and pics.

5. Online activity - Tracking down which sites your spouse visits and is registered at (such as pornography, dating, or singles sites) can help to nab them, too. This can be done by installing key logger software on your spouse's computer. Unfortunately, you can only install it on the computers you have physical access to. Another choice is to get a professional to do a check of the sites they are registered at. This is as easy as it is effective. All you have to do is provide your spouse's email address and they do the rest. Find out their secret dating site ads, MySpace page, and porn or escort service sites

Trying to catch your spouse cheating can be an emotional struggle. Guilt, denial, blaming yourself, and hatred are just a few of the feelings most people experience. Ultimately, it's better to make sure one way or the other, and that's why getting a professional on your side makes a lot of sense.

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