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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Private Investigator Tips and Tricks


When searching a database for a person named 'Al', most PIs might consider
that this is likely a 'nickname', or a shortened name, for 'Albert'. Or
couldn't it also be from 'Alvin', or 'Alberto', or 'Aldous', or 'Alfred', or
many other possibilities?!

So what is the best source for obtaining a list of all such names and their

Buy one of the bigger '50,000 Names For Your New Baby'-type books!

Tip- local libraries often carry similar books for surnames, showing spelling
Ed Opperman is the president of Opperman Investigations Inc He is also the owner of He invites you to visit his blog where he gives step by step instruction, advice and warnings on how to become a private investigator.Including, State by State licensing requirements, PI schools and reputable Integrity Investigation companies

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